Urgent communication from Regale Microwave Ovens Ltd on behalf of Cavity Protection Systems. (a company name owned by Regale Microwave Ovens Ltd).


It has come to our notice  that a few companies are promoting and advertising our products, the MicroSave Cavity Liner, for the incorrect models and the incorrect manufacturer make, for example the Daewoo model has been linked and advertised with Galanz products, the Panasonic model with the Menumaster/Amana products and the Sharp model which is manufactured for only the Sharp R22AT, R23AM and the R24AT which is being promoted for use in the R1900M. The MicroSave Cavity Liner should not be sold with, or for, any brand or model other than for which it is manufactured and specifically designed, (please see para 4 below for the correct list), and will completely null and void any warranty given by Regale Microwave Ovens and could null and void a manufacturer’s warranty plus would have mis-lead the public to its use and could possibly result in damage, fire or injury for which the ‘seller’ would become liable.



  1. Firstly we take several months in studying the make and model’s air intake, air distribution and air exhaust system employed and make exact cavity measurements within each brand and their models, the same brand may have several different models and it is specifically noted on the Cavity Liner the correct make and model(s) for which it is intended.


  1. Secondly, we then have to design a non-working Liner from the above making exact exhaust rounded and positioned exhaust vents, exact measurements covering not only the base, sides and ceiling plate but also the lens light cover for each manufacture of the models they produce which is based on the same chassis and cavity. Therefore you may have a manufacturer with six models but only two models would be suitable for the Cavity Liner. It takes a further 6 months in trials before a MicroSave Cavity Liner tool is produced ready for production. The Cavity Liner is then made of an expensive specially formulated pharmaceutical graded material in its production.


  1. Several microwave ovens all look similar, however it could be dangerous trying to use a Cavity Liner not made for that particular make and model, the air flows could be very different, the exhausts could be in the incorrect place, the ceiling plate is not covered properly, the MicroSave Cavity Liner may not fit snugly into position and could arc and spark, the lens light cover may be exposed and could lift etc which could result in over steaming and excess water within the cavity which could affect the touch control panel and damage internal electronic or manual parts. We have obtained permission and encouragement from the three manufacturers stated to produce a Cavity Liner for their products to enhance their warranty, however if the Liners are used in non-stipulated makes and models then it could null and void any warranty given by that particular manufacturer and will null the warranty given by Cavity Protection Systems/Regale Microwave Ovens Ltd.


  1. To-date, we have only designed and manufactured three tools (a) DAEWOO, which should only be used in the Daewoo KOM9F50 (1500watt output touch control in both 50htz and 60htz versions) and the KOM9F85 (1850watt output touch control) – (b) PANASONIC, which should only be used in the NE1456 (1400watt output touch control), NE1846 (1800watt output manual control) and the NE1856 (1800watt output touch control) – (c) SHARP, which should only be used in the R22AT (1500watt output touch control), R23AM (1900watt output manual digital control) and the R24AT (1900watt output touch control).


  1. We only assess and agree to produce Liners for microwaves with a correct microwave distribution before considering them for a Cavity Protection System. Our Liners in the correct microwave ovens for which they are manufactured have full NSF worldwide Certification and in no other brands or models which are not specified (either stamped on the actual Cavity Liner or in our advertised/promotional material) which come under Patents, Registered Trademarks, Copyright and Designs now  held by Regale Microwave Ovens Ltd and as Cavity Protection Systems which means that you or the users are only covered by our insurers when used in those stated models only, therefore we do not condone or allow use in any other similar brands or models. The Microsave Cavity Liner is also the only Cavity Protection System which has the ‘Approved Product’ Status by the Craft Guild of Chefs and the only Cavity Liner approved for use by Panasonic, Daewoo and Sharp.



Should you be in the unfortunate position that you are advertising, linking or selling the MicroSave Cavity Liner with the incorrect brand or model, selling or promoting it in any other way you are respectfully requested to remove it from your website or advertising media. Many thanks.