Daewoo KOM9M11S Light Duty 1100w Manual Dial Control Commercial Microwave

The stand out feature in the specification for the Daewoo KOM9M11S 1100w Light Duty Manual Control Commercial Microwave is its separate start button; a simple sounding addition which dramatically reduces damage caused to the microwave, essentially lengthening its lifespan. The high level of power that a commercial microwave oven is able to produce makes it particularly at risk of damage if it is operated without food inside; a situation that a separate start button greatly helps to avoid.

Regale Microwaves suggested this model to Daewoo and helped them to design and introduce this safe, well-priced entry microwave oven which is user friendly.

Daewoo KOM9M11S Features Include:

  • 1100w Microwave Output Power
  • 29 Litre (1.02 cu.ft) Oven Capacity
  • Separate Start Button
  • 5 Power Levels
  • 10 Minute Select Timer Dial
  • Sealed-in Ceramic Base for Easy Cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Cavity/Cabinet
  • 12 Month Manufacturers on-site Warranty


Technical Data:

  • External: 542(w) x 461(d) x 329(h)mm
  • Internal: 250(w) x 357(d) x 230(h)mm
  • 13amp socket
  • 18kg weight (approx)


*Download Daewoo KOM9M11S Operators Manual.pdf